About Us

MecBakerz, a perfect place to care for your feelings and design into cakes n cookies.

In just one year’s time MecBakerz has become favorite bakers of the town. With so many mouth watering snacks, cookies and cakes recipes we are always on a move to make your experience even more memorable each time you allow us to serve you.

We always believe in serving high quality products which not only ensure a unforgettable taste but also takes care of your health as we prepare our products with an uncompromised hygienic process.

At Mecbakerz, each product is handmade and finished, each loaf of bread is hand formed and everything is baked with the hopes of bringing a little bit of joy and goodness to someone's day.

With the regular support from our customers and our industry expert staff members we are constantly growing and expanding out of the town and getting orders from distant locations on daily basis.

Our each product mainly Cookies & Baked Snacks have became a quiet renown brand in the industry with a record breaking sale each day.

Whether it’s a Wedding, Birthday or any Get together just visit us or give us a call and we’ll leave no stone unturned in making your occasion a mesmerized one.

Our Specialty


Kingdom of Cakes

Summer 8am - 10pm

Winter 8am - 10pm

"We Bake with Passion"

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